Jan Oskar Hansen


A dazzling woman
Kills my beautiful poems
Every morning.

Shards of green glass
On top of forbidden walls
Sparkle in moonlight.

To plunder a soul’s gold
To buy glass beads.


A.Thiagarajan said...

Haiku by A.Thiagarajan

autumn evening--
I lightly touch
my son's first scribbles

(Published in June 2006- Herons Nest)

vacation over
a cockroach rushes out
from shoes

first rain
statue washes itself
of droppings

dawn rain
hilltop temple rests
in the puddle below

car in front takes away
afternoon sun

lotus leaf holds
a mercury drop

brief rain
on the balcony rim
row of pearls

after cooking at 5star
chef returns home
for mom’s dinner

so cold
the rat doesn’t come out
for the bait

dark sky
the only one out
is the floating leaf

sudden darkness
dogs bark on the road
dotting my way

end of term
lizard all alone
on the writing board

long day
shadows crawl
at snail’s pace

(Published in Haiku Harvest   Vol. 6, No. 1 - Spring & Summer 2006)

queue for darshan--
she mumbles her prayers
at a roadside puddle

heavy rain
his palm catches a drop
from the leak

army recall
a cockroach escapes
from the uniform

security frisk
the officer passes one's perfume
to the next

(Appeared in Cloudspeak)

evening train . . .
an empty lunchbox
on the window seat

(Appeared in White Lotus)

still pond
lotus leaf occupies
sixteenth floor

sale --
mannequin gets
a fresh coat

Appeared in MSN-Mainichi Daily News: Haiku


silent lotus said...

Dear A Thiagarajan

Your Haiku that begins about Darshan

i found very beautiful.

a warm smile

silent lotus

" May your voice be loving enough to silence your own fears." ..... silent lotus