Teresinka Pereira

Poem For Someone
Who Is Sorry For Me

Just a moment, please!
The night sleeps calmly.
Why do you want to annihilate
the silence of the infinite?
Leave my anguish alone,
let me protect myself
from your perfidious hopes!

Margaret Brown-Bailey

What's The Matter With Her?

What's the matter with her?
Why doesn't she comprehend?
A simple task shouldn't take till the day's end,
How could they say she's brilliant,
It's more like she's starting a dumb trend,
What's the matter with her?
Does she take dope?
Is her mind fogged with bubbles of soap?
Doesn't she process information like everyone else?
I swear it's like talking to stuffed animals sitting on a shelf.

*A little patience goes a long way with an autistic child.

Michael A. Wells


There is no east or west sun.
Indifference blankets the sky
In smoky haze, leaving me

To feel my way homeward.
A thousand protrusions
Slapping my outstretched tentacles

Silly, twisting me one way,
Rotating another.
This way- that.

A blind needle
Of a compass
Bobsledding a labyrinth.

Brandon Magorka

The Beautiful Garden

You can come into my garden, full of secrets and insecurities,
Buried deep down, where you will never see them,
All you will ever see is the surface,
Brimming with its beauty and confidence,
When one man died, another rose,
Where one man is buried, the other visits,
While one man smiles for his fate, the other cries,
I have killed myself trying to change,
That I no longer know who I am,
As I stand in my garden, I ask,
Can that one man be the other as well?
Past and future live,
While the lonely present is never,
If I let you into my garden,
Are you going to dig?
Ruin the beauty of the surface,
Just to find out things, that you do not want to know,
Or will you be content to lay in the flowers and clover,
In the middle of a rain storm.

J. Scott Malby

Point Conception

Something in this landscape of birthing
before it collides that swells in us waves
sweating their chaotic cadences consuming
accumulated testimonies; the secret tensions
transformed from confrontations into love
for this headland of discarded inhibitions
and primal screams.

Here, the world confesses itself. We are
its echo, chorus, its refrain, borne by private
confessions of unrest to seethe with the sea
between our thighs with hope like steel
piercing our hearts.

Nina Gabriel

Only In My Dreams

It used to be only in my dreams,
That I would become a butterfly,
And fly to the places that,
I could not visit walking on this Earth,
But, now it all became a reality,
Since I truly transformed myself into a Butterfly,
Because the time was and is too short,
To live only in my dreams,
And now I am free and I fly,
Wherever and whenever I want to,
But there is this place and the one,
That I still cannot visit as yet,
And it is you, and those magic moments,
That I will live only in my dreams for now.

Maurus Young

Sunset And Grief

The setting Sun
Has been holding by the ocean
Casting golden light at sea and rosy clouds in the sky

Spring thunders in rain
Has been blockaded by the mountain when traveling in valley
Made the world shaking and frightening

Your sorrow
Being caught by me
Left bloody marks in my heart

My grief
Being taken away by wind
Drifting away as cloud

Silent Lotus

Here Lies The In Between

Was never
My view of the future
And i never had a collection of broken dreams
So when i walk through fields of head markers
My soul knows here lies only the in between
And if you ever come looking for me
Let the silence awaken you
To eternity

Jan Oskar Hansen


A dazzling woman
Kills my beautiful poems
Every morning.

Shards of green glass
On top of forbidden walls
Sparkle in moonlight.

To plunder a soul’s gold
To buy glass beads.

Joan Taylor (Bramble Web)

Dark Night Of The Soul

I wish I could forget you, but every time I tried
A sadness stirs inside of me, and tears I cannot hide.
My thoughts are always with you, and every time I see,
A standing stone, a crystal, You seem so close to me.
The candles on my alter, I burn them in your name,
For now I know my future will never be the same.
My mind just reaches for you, I just cant fathom why,
You seem to have forgotten me, not even a goodbye.
I wish I knew the reason, for surely there is one.
Perhaps because of who I am, I flew close to the sun.
You say! I feel, I say, I do, but that is just my way.
I could not hide the way I felt, that bright September day.
The memory of your poems all lyrical and deep,
I hear the words within the night, when I am close to sleep.
I see so many visions, I know that you do too.
If I could only once again, share them all with you.