Joan Taylor (Bramble Web)

Dark Night Of The Soul

I wish I could forget you, but every time I tried
A sadness stirs inside of me, and tears I cannot hide.
My thoughts are always with you, and every time I see,
A standing stone, a crystal, You seem so close to me.
The candles on my alter, I burn them in your name,
For now I know my future will never be the same.
My mind just reaches for you, I just cant fathom why,
You seem to have forgotten me, not even a goodbye.
I wish I knew the reason, for surely there is one.
Perhaps because of who I am, I flew close to the sun.
You say! I feel, I say, I do, but that is just my way.
I could not hide the way I felt, that bright September day.
The memory of your poems all lyrical and deep,
I hear the words within the night, when I am close to sleep.
I see so many visions, I know that you do too.
If I could only once again, share them all with you.

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