Kumuda Ranjan Panda


is the sea of desert
sea of tranquility
sea of scorpion
crumbling and slipping
having no direction
but it is a sea in mind

is a treee of wooden structure
tree of black burnt wood
no green bird , except
vulture, eagle preys
starving for flesh
under the tree
foxes wolves hunter dogs
liquid of mouh of greediness
an unemployed
is a deaf having hearing power
a dumb being a good speaker
of the teen
blind even being selected in
air force earlier
a handicappied
being skilled physically

Unemployed is sufferer
from society, family
mentally, individually
spiritually as well materially
hence a diseased like
epilepsy abnormality and parlysis

is a illiterate with a degree
a lonely man with
thousand friends and relatives
a frustrated man seening the youth
moving luxuriously
a jelous of
wealthy playing and dancing youth
a blamer of fate


Sucharita said...

ur poem has touched all the aspects , and has painted a true picture. it lefts an indelible mark on readers like me . a bitter truth which almost all indians hav passed in their youth.

sushanta said...

the poem was comes from the heart of a person who can feel the pin of human. he tries to reflect the nonization of ther greae resources of our socity. the comparision made by the poet gave us the density of the problem and its intensity to the organization. so it is upto us what we will do next. the poen didn't refelct the remidies but it is still good.