Jan Theuninck


late at night
a mist
fills the valley.
without knowing
it suffocates
like a dark power.
on the fields
our dead bodies
and under the grass
a brown soil

© Ekphrastic poetry (poem + painting) by Jan Theuninck

Nilanshu Kumar Agarwal

Memory Is Being Blurred

Memory is being blurred.
Images are getting dim.
I shall forget everything oneday.
I don't want to.
New life has so many challenges.
Daily new adventures.
Daily new behavioural patterns.
The present putting the glorious past behind.
Bad coin drives the good coin out of use.
New patterns,new associates.
Responsibility destroying emotion.
I am weeping.
I want to come back.
But how?
I can't. I can't. I can't.

Oluseyi Adewale Adekoya

An Extra Death

For every breath is an extra death
For every spice of life taken is another spicy death given
For every celebration begat an unborn mourning
For every brighter morning lies a darken moaning
What joyful tears fall in my shadow of fears?
When does my trailer of labour and stress
Eventually bore unclaimed bountiful years
Why does untold relief come in her brighter colour of deceit?
That our unborn years would embarrass us trouble free

For every birthday that is here
Our deathbeds are near
How joyful how sad
Whether fat, thin or black
White, bad, thirtyfive or ninety five
Our every breath sucks our extra life
Vanity just vanity, ignore not this pathetic tale
Like you ignore you nagging husband or wife.