Brandon Magorka

The Beautiful Garden

You can come into my garden, full of secrets and insecurities,
Buried deep down, where you will never see them,
All you will ever see is the surface,
Brimming with its beauty and confidence,
When one man died, another rose,
Where one man is buried, the other visits,
While one man smiles for his fate, the other cries,
I have killed myself trying to change,
That I no longer know who I am,
As I stand in my garden, I ask,
Can that one man be the other as well?
Past and future live,
While the lonely present is never,
If I let you into my garden,
Are you going to dig?
Ruin the beauty of the surface,
Just to find out things, that you do not want to know,
Or will you be content to lay in the flowers and clover,
In the middle of a rain storm.

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