Joseph Josephides

Nature Advice

On a pole across your neck
Carrying two chinese water-pots
Praising the perfect one on the right
For its accomplishment, as you believe,
Why you blame the cracked one on the left?

Give the weak a chance, Nature advises!
It cannot contain the whole water, but
Garden expands everywhere: just plant seeds
On the left side of the path you walk.
See backwards: the cracked pot waters
A long line of flowers, drop after drop.
The poor pot offers you a rewarding grace.
So, pick up those flowers for decorations
Enjoy their fragrance; accept inequality
Since the weak ones are blessed by Nature.

As for my weakness: Take me for what I am
And better look for what is good in me.

Sue-Ellen Newman

The Shipwrecks Of My Mind

I travel through the Shipwrecks of my mind.
Turmoil of the past, stead with time.
Into the depths, darkness and despair abounds,
Hurt with sorrow, shame with regrets surrounds.
These Shipwrecks, What a mess,
Strewn beneath the depths.
From the depths I see The LIGHT, His hand
Reaching out,
No more running from Fear and doubts,
Battle is not of the swift but of the strong.
He calls me to journey along.
Placing His hand in mine, with HIM in all HIS
Mercy, deeper and deeper we go,
Into the Shipwrecks of my mind.
Standing and looking out over my wrecks,
A healing hand upon my crown rests.
Three Seas I see, one of Forgetfulness,
Forgiveness and one of No Regrets, swell.
Time to release my Shipwrecks, no longer to dwell.
Faithful and Powerful is your Love,
When my light meets, THE LIGHT,
I turn and bid farewell,
The Shipwrecks of my mind.