Art Tolentino (ArtDax)

Greek Maiden

I saw a Greek maiden who set my heart aflame
A beautiful Greek maiden, I never knew her name
Through her portrait I saw a smile and eyes that gleam
Oh I hope I won’t offend, if I pursue her in my dream

When I look at her picture my mind starts to fly
Towards Mt. Olympus, above a cloudless sky
Towards Meteora, the pillars of Parthenon
Towards Stomio beach, the cloister of Komnenion

When I look at her picture I hear a mellow voice
As from someone who loves to worship and rejoice
As from a poem that speaks of the birds and bees
As from love songs of Beyonce and Alicia Keyes

Oh lovely Greek maiden, what I feel words can’t explain
Kingdoms may rise and fall, your beauty shall remain
Lucky is that guy who will end up as your groom
But you will always be mine in the darkness of my room

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