Thom Woodruff (World Poet)

Some Things More Important Than Poetry

Life,and people-work and family
Commitments made to be honored-
Witnessing at the passing of others
Periods of necessary silences
Times when all poems blow away
Times when one must be lost -
in a crowd or alone/on Internet or phone
Times when to shop is of utmost importance!
Whole lives when nothing particularly happens!
Gaps between-travelling.Growing into rituals-Reading,listening,absorbing
Every participle participant particle
Every authenticated distancing mechanism
Poetry must wait
at the intersection of thoughts and feelings
and feed upon the scraps again.

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doradimolitsas said...

muito interesante o seu blog.
Sou poeta do orkut e tambèm esposa de um Grego fico orgulhosa de conhecer o seu trabalho parabéns
Dora Dimolitsas

: Comunidade Poeta Dora (07/09/2006)