Felino Soriano

According To Darkness, Silence Dons A Halo

The spinning enjoyment
of dusk's communal culture,
whose language of content
spreads its contagious
through the winding metaphorical
maze of regard for existence,
the triangular connection
of movements,
spaced between
etching fragrant gifts toward a purpose
of its own meaningful motive.

As in the movements
of monarch butterflies,
their orange wings with
adorning black-white ornamental
displays of
transferable sections of moving,
circular light.
to dawn's open mouth,
darkness in the safe idiom hides below
the highest halo,
golden hanging light
not yet born before the pushing of
the orange slant,
its genesis causes separation,
shedding myriad of variant
colors to escape into
mesmerizing mannerisms.

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