Sachchidananda S. Kore

Love Loves The Spring

Everything in the physical world
Has its own congenial and genial
Season and love has its own season
And truly is it the sprightly season
Of spring that causes and controls
The mighty mainspring of love in
The honey-comb of the haunted hearts
Of passionate lovers and lovely beloveds.
Lush and luxuriant vegetation puts
On a green garb of fresh foliage and
The wise wind willingly wafts away
The pleasant perfume of fresh flowers that
Sweetens the hearts and noses of young
Lads and lasses who fall in love
With each other ardently and avidly
And who are in the good graces of
Cupid-the lusty and mighty God of
Love who adds love's loveliness to
The vernal beauty of external nature.

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