Charles Frederickson


Drawing curtains back on ageless
Life and lives I never
Bothered caring enough about to
Touch or be touched by

Far removed world less distant
After having moved there been
Moved by still moving while
Standing still getting caught up

Clearing out collected relics of
Eons ago ruins revealing mostly
Fake antique forgeries spread out
Filling time and space dispossessed

More remains concealed than confided
Long guarded secrets spill out
Reserved for private ears to
Hear nobody ever listened keepsakes

Unaware I was ever lost
Though admittedly never saying so
Reliving history not yet recorded
Searching for buried treasure chest

Digging up bygone fragments of
Eugenic past reduced to rubble
What never really was might
Have been exiled to oblivion

People attitudes places emotions things
Changed my life starring roles
Cast of characters keeps changing
As do endings curtains drawn

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Kumuda Ranjan said...

Esteemed Poet,
How could i express the intensity of your powerful feelings.the depth of the philosophy in your poem,'Unknown",is inexplicable.the way you have tried to search your own identity in the eye of the society is really meaningful and worthy of appreciation.

thanks a lot for offering the privilege to read your poem .

i am also a member of the 'world Poets may pass your comment after going through my poem in this following website:

with regards

Prof. K.R.Panda
ICFAI University