Elma D. Photikarm

Coffee? - Coffee.

I brewed it with love, showered with my kisses
And poured in a mint green Thai Celadon mug.
It settled there and gave me joy
in intervals of one minute sips
Oh, that the patch in rural northwestern
Guatemala far away would bring a yield
and serve me this - my perk, my morning
delight, my heart's desire.

And time could go on making me oblivious
to cares of day, find me dancing to music
I alone could hear.

I have to go on with my sips, get the best
from these, grab every precious moment
before aroma fades and cup turns lifeless cold
leaving only a bitter taste in lip-stained cup
where once the coffee was so good.

And so it is with feelings- nurture them
take your sips to savor all the best
there is in peace of mind and heart and soul.

And when you sink to all time lows
and sometimes hit rock bottom
Do not stay there, do not give up.
Learn to tread and float and tell yourself
it's time again to brew a fresh new pot.

1 comment:

ezsell123 said...

Very well written Elma! It is time for me to brew a cup of fresh aromatic coffee.