Andrew Angus

Cowboys On The Range


Cowboys on the range
Adapt to wilderness life
And arid deserts!

Riding on a horse
The cowboy aims the rope's loop
Towards a bull's head!

Cowboys wearing chaps
Firing rifle into air
To herd the cattle!

The sun starts to set
They guard the cattle at night
When the wolves come out!

Full moon in May's spring
The mountain lion wakes up
To search for a meal!


The cold evening bites
Cowboys prepare a bonfire
To cook a man's meal!

Cowboys love music
He grabs a guitar and sing
Country music rules!

The fire warms the skin
Hands become warm over flames
Branch turns into ash!

A hot chicken soup
So soothing to tired cowboys
It perks up the soul!

Barbecue chicken
Corns, hotdogs and marshmallows
One delicious meal!


Silver moon appears
A pack of wolves start to howl
Ready for a kill!

He shoots in the air
To scare the wolves on the prowl
Terror lurks at night!

Cattle huddle close
Upon hearing the wolves' voice
Sounds of great horror!

Howling wolves strike fear
Brave cowboy's heart beats so fast
Nervous in the dark!

Sunset to sunrise
Cowboys take shifts in guarding
The herd feels so safe!

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